Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dead Rising

Who doesn't go "Man I so want that game!?" When you find out you can have an brutal epic battle in a mall full of crawling brain hungry zombies? Who doesn't want to smash their their heads off with a sledge hammer or a skate board? What more could you want?

Perhaps a better story line? Yes ladies and gentleman I died a little inside from this game. Now before you boo at me and say, "What the hell lady!?" I will admit I did have fun, WHEN THE game LET me have fun. And that was when I was randomly killing zombies to pass time.

A little background

You play a reporter called Frank, who wants the scoop on the "out break" in the town. Which at the time no one knew it was a zombie out break. *fast forward* Frank ends up in a mall surrounded and over run by zombies. As the story progresses you end up in a security room where you crawl through the vents to the top of the mall and use the elevator to get down.

By the way, a rescue helicopter will rescue Frank and the survivors in three days, each time you enter a part of the mall a timer shows up to say how many hours you have left to get to the roof.

Well......The game mostly consists of backtracking, taking orders from a blond lady, a Samuel L. Jackson twin and an old guy and helping other survivors get to the safety of a security room, or continuing the main story to find out "WHY" this all happened. You can use just about anything to kill the zombies and whatever psychos are out there.

There's only ONE gun shop in the entire mall and it's either taken over by the psychotic owner or some survivors that apparently can't tell the difference between a zombie and a live human as they WILL potentially shoot you until you're dead. Speaking of dying, save often. If you die, you start from where you last saved it OR from the very beginning of the game with nothing but the skills and levels you've gained already.

The only gun shop in the mall is practically a death trap, the zombies are ridiculously numerous. Meaning you'd have to bring food with you to gain health back even if you make it to the gun shop. It's so crowded that you have to breath a sigh of relief after you shut the doors.

1. Waiting Around

Oh dear, Almighty Gaming God, Why the hell did you create the watch Frank wears?

Well it so happens, you have to wait.... and wait.... and FRICKEN Wait around, because if you miss one case you fail the story line and the "truth" is lost. Through out the game I felt pressured that I had to be at certain places at certain times. And yes, I know that's why I have the watch, but in the middle of saving someone I can't just jump from one place to the next in a blink of an eye.

I wish they had made it more like Grand Theft Auto style. Like you get to pick and choose the cases you'd like to do and depending on which cases you pick is the different endings you will see. I mean it may not be original, but its better then waiting around.

I believe it would have been played better that way, some of you may say, hey they had to because of the helicopter coming to pick him up in three days.

Well your absolutely right, however I disagree that each and every mission had a be timed and do those mission's with in a time limit. WHAT GIVES? I bet with all the time I waited around, I could have saved like 5 survivors.

And don't get me started on survivors, they are just as bad as the female AI from Resident Evil 5.

2. Plot

This really agitated me, Who the hell turns into a zombie by a bee? WHY would you do that? What the hell? Were the writers compelled to want killer bee's turned people in to zombies? and how would they do that? They don't really explain much in the game.

After your first day in zombie world, a cut scene will come up at 7 pm and show the zombies eye's glowing red. Why.... why.....why...... AHHHH *Bitch slaps the game* I will tell you why, NO fucking reason at alllllll. Ok maybe there is, they seem to be more aggressive and will come at you in bigger crowds but that's all. There is no significant reason.

I would have bought the red glowing eye of pointlessness if they had said something like the zombies can see better at night so be careful or what not.

Then the military show up, kill all the zombies, leaving the ones outside the mall alive. (What the hell kind of point is that?). If you want to go to the over time mode, where Frank is turning in to a zombie and he can be saved after collecting about 7 times with in a certain time limit, the military try to kill you, yes they shot at you and keep shooting until they capture you.

Once that capture you, your are left with NOTHING and have to run and get items all over again, unless they kill you when your try to get to the gun shop or get food so you won't die. They even randomly show up behind you, and if you try to kill them it takes almost all the bullets you have for your shot gun.

Random things that pissed me off

1. Otis calling me every 2 seconds.
2. Dieing
3. Having to get weapons over and over and over at the ONE FUCKING gun shop in the whole entire mall.
4. Military at the end.
5. ONE gun shop.
6. The AI survivors are stupid and won't follow you when you need them too. Such as walking into the little water pond area's and not having the brains to jump back out.
7. Waiting around for the Main plot Missions
9. Arriving at a "scoop" mission to late only to realize you wasted the whole time either getting zombies out of the way to gather food you'll need or weapons.
10. One gun shop.
11. Waiting around.

Another little thing that really pissed me off was the Plot mission. Besides waiting around for the damn missions, you had to gather food and weapons in between the time laps. Such as it being 7 am and your next mission is at 3 am the next day. So you have to run around gathering the food which you'll use getting to the Gun shop or the Chain saw dropped by Adam (a psycho Clown). BUT BY THE fricken time you get to the gun shop your all out of food, and by the time you get back to get the extra food you've used, you ran out of bullets. So you have to play smart.

I always left one space open for a lead pipe or a 4x7 board to smack the zombies around. EVEN if your quick enough and save all your weapons you check your watch and go "FRICKEN HELL" because you'll still have almost 12 hours of waiting.

Now you can take the risk of going out and killing zombies and having to go back to the gun shop again, I did that a lot but that was only after playing the game a few times to gain levels and knowing my way around.

Good times

Now I'm not going to say this was A HORRIBLE game, it did have it's moments. Such as killing the zombies, it was always laughable to knock them around or confuse them by running one way then doing a U-turn making them fall over. If I ignored the main story line mission's, and just played the way I wanted it was rather enjoyable. I was able to get my zombie kills up to 2,000 with in 2 hours of playing time. As well as helping a few survivors.

I loved how I could pick up almost what ever I wanted to kill the basters or knock their heads in. This really was a good idea for a game to begin with, I just wondered what happened to it. In the end it felt like more of a chore to finish the story line's missions rather then wanting to.

So like I said, they should have made the missions in a GTA style where you got to pick and choose or if you NEED to do the certain mission you could do it at your leisure and the ending would change accordingly.


1 being don't bother buying, 10 being you better get this F-ING GAME.

I'd pick a 4. 4 is if you want to chance it, or you should rent it because it is really a more forgettable game, yet you could really have some fun with it. I had the most fun when killing the damn zombies and going on Otis's missions. So if you feel like you want to ignore the most absurd zombie plot, I've ever heard (there are probably worse out there) and just kill the zombies, safe the survivor's, or kill them, then you might wanna check this out.

I really lucked out and payed 15 dollars instead of the original 50 :D